Friday, 2. November 2007

Who are we ?

Spurred on by the success of the Murter-Dubrovnik Challenge 2007, we, Miša Strobl, Ronnie Zeiller and Georg Kleiber thought about the logical sequel.

First step: we founded a club.
›Nautikverein sail attack‹ is its name.
Anglicisms are never bad and the name sounds young, strong and healthy...

Then the guidelines:
  • It has to be a fair sportivissimo regatta!
  • It has to be a middle-distance race similar to the 1000 miles race lasting several days, but with considerably less expenses, logistics and realisable within a week.
  • Yardstick or ORC Measurement? Oh no!
    These two are most times the reasons for annoyance and anger of some or even most of those involved.
  • So it has to be a race with a One-Design like the excellent S-Cup of the NCA.
  • Finally, a little more "off shore" than in the Murter-Dubrovnik Challenge and this lead us to the Adriatic ›Fastnet‹-rock. Palagruža!

So the idea for the ›ROUND PALAGRUŽA CANNONBALL 2008‹ was born!

Unique in the Murter-Dubrovnik Challenge was the friendly atmosphere.
So some crews participated in advance in the organization and the sponsor search.

We consider the Round Palagruža Cannonball as a small race counting the number of possible participants, but a big challenge for all of them!

We hope that our idea is inspiring for other skippers and crews and will encourage a lively international participation!
Come and join the race !

Gimme more information !