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4. Round Palagruža Cannonball 16.-23.4.2011
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The race management has left the harbour 21. April 2011

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Some minutes ago, the Croatian race management (Baldasar Morozin, Sime Stanic and Dragan Penjalov) has left the city harbour of Biograd with their yacht "Dancer". They will set the red buoy, which together with the signal pole in the harbour marks the finishing line of the regatta. The weather at the time of writing: Absolutely no wind...

Hot match at Murter island 21. April 2011

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The last hours of the RPC 2011 have started, and the night has brought some surprises. Though the wind faded almost completely, there's a suspensive match going on close to the coast of Murter. The "Southhampton" of Martin Hartls Celox Sailing Team (65) is still leading the field, but in the last hour or so, three competitors have closed in on them. The "San Diego” (Ronnie Zeiller/Alles Yacht, 63), the “Solent” (Robert Schönbeck/Ascherl-Regatta Bodensee, 64) and Misa Strobls “San Tropez” (ReefRaffRacing, 62) are contesting the favorite, which seemed to stand still for a while...


We'll report from Biograd, as soon as the first one crosses the finishing line here at the harbour. Have a look at our live tracker to stay up to date on what happens on the last sea miles of this great regatta!

The last regatta night starts 20. April 2011

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As the live tracking shows, the "Southhampton" (65) sails into the night with a large winning margin. Will the "Celox Sailing Team" of Martin Hartl be the first crew to cross the winning at Biograd, for the second year in a row? It will be decided in the next hours! Far behind, the tracking system shows the same picture as during the day: The field is very close here, with following participants close to each other: The “Solent” (64), the “Cowes” (54), the ”San Diego” (63), the “San Tropez” (62) and the “New York” (60). The "Cape Cod" (51) is trying to get back to the head of the race. This night will show, if Klaus Pitter and his "Yachtcharter Pitter" team will be successful...

The main problem tonight is the wind. As the author of this blog noticed himself on the trip from Hvar to Biograd on the motorboat of "Sea Help", there's not much wind left. And the forecast for the night isn't too optimistic, too. The meteorologists forecast practically no wind for the next hours. Apparently, it's going to be a slow motion match to Biograd. We will report as soon as the first boat is here!

A more detailed view on the forefield:


Hot match along the coast of Korcula 20. April 2011

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The race is getting serious now, with the teams sailing back towards Biograd again. On the southern coast of the island of Korcula there is quite match going on right now. Far in the forefront ist still the „Southhampton“ (Celox Sailing Team, 65). Behind them there is a group of six sailing yachts matching for every meter. read more »»

Link for downloading tracking software 20. April 2011

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Once again here's the link for downloading the software for tracking the race. It's perfect for interested people at home to have a live look at the standings in the race. And it's for free! 🙂

Track-O-Mio Download

Celox Sailing Team is leading the field 20. April 2011

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After a night of sailing back from Palagruza, the main field of the race has reached mainland Croatia again and is right now sailing northwest through the Canal of Mljet. Martin Hartl’s Celox Sailing Team is top favorite now – their „Southhampton“ is completely alone in the forefront of the race. Apparently the crew was lucky with the winds: As the wind charts of the Croatian Weather forecast show, there was a strong northeastern wind in the night, as the „Southhampton“ reached the canal. The main field didn’t catch this wind, that faded at day break  - the others fell back.

Right now, there is a match going on at the exit of the Mljet Canal: The „New York“ (60), the „San Diego“ (63), the „Cape Cod“ (51) and the „Cowes“ (54) are competing for the second and third places...
The regatta is in its last phase now. There is a saying, that the one who first gets out of the Mljet Canal will win the race. But still: Everything’s still possible at this time!

Update for our english speaking readers 20. April 2011

Categories: Allgemeines @en,RPC 2011 en —   from: Florian Lems @ 20. April 2011

Tuesday, around 6 p.m.: The main field of the regatta is now on the way to the islands of Palagruza, in the middle of the Adriatic Sea. The wind out here isn’t too strong, nevertheless the first participants of the race have set their Spi’s and are already cruising around Palagruza and on track back towards the mainland. A look at the live tracking of the race – which can be downloaded for free – shows that there’s a hard match going on at the peak of the race, with last years winner Martin Hartl and his Celox Sailing Team on the „Southhampton“ (65) and the SÄGEWERK team on the „New York“ (60), whilst Ronnie Zeiller and his Alles Yacht team is catching up again (63).

In the last night, the first boat had to give up the race. The „Fastnet“ (55) with Alfred Hopfgartner’s Sailingmotion Team had massive technical problems with their boat and had to return to Biograd. They arrived back in the Marina savely. Another Bavaria 42 yacht, the „Auckland“ (50) also had problems with their genoa fall, but the crew managed to solve the problem (at least for the moment) and after some time sailing straight towards Italy last evening they got back on track.

The Safety Team is now following the match towards Palagruza. Fortunately, the help of the medical staff and diver on board of the „Chairos“ wasn’t needed yet.

Note: This blog entry couldn’t be posted yesterday due to network problems out there on the open sea. We apologize for that (F. L.)