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Hot match at Murter island 21. April 2011

Categories: Allgemeines @en,RPC 2011 en —   from: Florian Lems @ 21. April 2011

The last hours of the RPC 2011 have started, and the night has brought some surprises. Though the wind faded almost completely, there's a suspensive match going on close to the coast of Murter. The "Southhampton" of Martin Hartls Celox Sailing Team (65) is still leading the field, but in the last hour or so, three competitors have closed in on them. The "San Diego” (Ronnie Zeiller/Alles Yacht, 63), the “Solent” (Robert Schönbeck/Ascherl-Regatta Bodensee, 64) and Misa Strobls “San Tropez” (ReefRaffRacing, 62) are contesting the favorite, which seemed to stand still for a while...


We'll report from Biograd, as soon as the first one crosses the finishing line here at the harbour. Have a look at our live tracker to stay up to date on what happens on the last sea miles of this great regatta!