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Hot match along the coast of Korcula 20. April 2011

Categories: Allgemeines @en,RPC 2011 en —   from: Florian Lems @ 20. April 2011

The race is getting serious now, with the teams sailing back towards Biograd again. On the southern coast of the island of Korcula there is quite match going on right now. Far in the forefront ist still the „Southhampton“ (Celox Sailing Team, 65). Behind them there is a group of six sailing yachts matching for every meter. On the places two and three are the „Solent“ (Regatta Bodensee, 64) and the „Cowes“ (Weingut Stadt Krems, 54). Behind them, almost on one line: The „San Diego“ (Alles Yacht, 63), the „San Tropez“ (ReefRaffRacing, 62), the „Cape Cod“ (Yachtcharter Pitter, 51) and the „New York“ (SÄGEWERK, 60).
At the western tip of Korcula the yachts will take the next race gate, then they’ll turn to the northwest – towards Biograd and the finishing line. It’s difficult to estimate the precise arrival time of the first yacht there, but it seems possible it’s gonna be during the night, maybe in the morning... we will report it here!