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11. Round Palagruža Cannonball 7.4. – 14.4.2018
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Results online 22. April 2011

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Results RPC 2011

Award ceremony today 22. April 2011

Categories: Allgemeines @en,RPC 2011 en —   from: Florian Lems @ 22. April 2011

Today at 2 p.m. the award ceremony will take place at the Marina restaurant in Biograd. There's only one yacht left to cross the finishing line now: The "Daiquiri" (42) with the ASS Segeln-Mercure team of skipper Horst Bernhardt is still on its way towards Biograd. Will they make it before the time limit of the regatta ends at noon..?

The RPC 2011 trophies (designed by Stuntstorch, sponsored by PANTAENIUS):

Pictures of the finish online 21. April 2011

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Most of the crews have arrived in Biograd now. Still there are ten boats out on the sea, but the party in the marina here already started.


Finish: “Solent” (64) 2nd, “Cape Cod” (51) 3rd 21. April 2011

Categories: Allgemeines @en,RPC 2011 en —   from: Florian Lems @ 21. April 2011

The match for the second and third place has been decided: The "Solent" (64) with its Team Ascherl-Regatta Bodensee of Robert Schönbeck was the second Bavaria 42 yacht to cross the finishing line in Biograd, about half a minute later it was followed by the Yachtcharter Pitter Crew with Skipper Klaus Pitter on their “Cape Cod” (51).

Only few minutes later there two more crews reached Biograd: The SÄGEWERK-Team of Peter Stefaner on the “New York” (60) and on the fifth place Ronnie Zeiller's Alles Yacht-Crew on their “San Diego” (63).

The fans in the harbour of Biograd congratulate all the RPC 2011 teams - it was definitely a hot match on the last meters of the regatta! To all the boats still out there on the sea: We wish you a great race, and come back safely!

n.b.: We will publish pictures of the finish in this blog soon, so stay tuned.

Congratulation 21. April 2011

Categories: Allgemeines @en,RPC 2011 en,RPC 2011 Sailor en —   from: ASS-Segeln @ 21. April 2011

The entire team of the Daiquiri boat No. 42 wishes to all participants, fans and readers a wonderful morning:

According to the latest tracking data, we have subsequently recovered in 3 positions.
The strategic thoughts are with the severe weather conditions, beautiful blue sky, 26 degrees and calm blue sea with a variety of visit of tuna fish was caused by our skipper with a drink of the day: The Jamaican feel we will now all and supports the Drink of the Day this:

Just take in a 0.5 l gas 200ml Bavarian beer and basic meal so we are here in Croatia, a fresh Karlovacko, to about 100 ml American brew, Coke Zero (so that the American product is not overvalued) and fills it with good Rum from Jamaica, tastes totally refreshing and nearly calorie-neutral.
Sunny greetings from Daiquiri TEAM

Celox Sailing Team wins Round Palagruža Cannonball 2011 21. April 2011

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A few moments ago, the „Southhampton“ with starting number 65 crossed the finishing line in Biograd – after approximately 72 hours of sailing. 28 year old skipper Martin Hartl and his seven crew member managed to maintain their margin and win the Round Palagruža Cannonball regatta for the second time in a row. Congratulations!
Now it’s all about the second and third place. The peak field still consists of seven boats. On the forefront, the „San Diego“ (63) with Ronnie Zeiller’s Alles Yacht Crew and the „Solent“ (64) with Robert Schönbeck’s Ascherl-Regatta Bodensee Team match for silver...

The race management has left the harbour 21. April 2011

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Some minutes ago, the Croatian race management (Baldasar Morozin, Sime Stanic and Dragan Penjalov) has left the city harbour of Biograd with their yacht "Dancer". They will set the red buoy, which together with the signal pole in the harbour marks the finishing line of the regatta. The weather at the time of writing: Absolutely no wind...

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